Learn how PushMail can connect with SparkPost to deliver your emails.

What is ElasticEmail

ElasticEmail can help you deliver your emails at an affordable rate.
They offer both, SMTP access to their platform, but also API access, which is the faster method to send emails.
ElasticEmail’s features list contains items like detailed activity tracking, geolocation tracking or dedicated IPs to allow you to create a good sender reputation.

ElasticEmail pricing

ElasticEmail’s pricing plans structure is as simple as possible, they offer two plans, Email API which means you can send each 1000 emails for just $0.10, and Email API Pro which means you can send 1000 emails for $0.12 plus an additional $1.00 per day.
In terms of actual sending of the emails, there is no difference between the pricing plans, the difference is made by the extra features available in the Email API Pro plan, features that you might simply not need.

SparkPost and PushMail

When using ElasticEmail with PushMail, you can use the regular SMTP interface to connect to ElasticEmail and deliver your emails, or you can use the ElasticEmail API integration, or both. We advise using the API integration, not only because it will be faster than the SMTP one, but it will also allow for automatic bounce and complaints processing, in realtime, since PushMail will register a webhook where ElasticEmail will send any event that occurs for your account.