Learn how PushMail can connect with MailGun to deliver your emails.

What is MailGun

MailGun is the email delivery service built for developers.
Their platform is excellent for 3rd-party integrations since they offer regular SMTP connections and also API integrations for 3rd-party email marketing software like MailWizz. Even if they advertise themselves as being targeted to developers, their web interface is very intuitive and it makes it very simple for everyone to find it’s way around it to easily get started.
MailGun’s feature list include features like email validation or dedicated IP addresses to build a solid sender reputation.

MailGun pricing

MailGun’s ‘Pay As You Go’ price plan might be well suited when your sending volume varies from month to month. For the first 3 months you will get 5,000 free emails per month. Additional price plans include 50,000 emails for $35.00/month, 100,000 emails for $80.00/month or $90.00/month for 100,000 emails with extra features. Depending on the price plan you select, you get more days for log retention, email validation, dedicated IP addresses, live phone support or instant chat support.

MailGun and PushMail

Since MailGun offers both, SMTP and API connections, it means you can create delivery servers in PushMail for both, or for either of them.
We advise using the MailGun API integration if possible because delivery will be much faster. Beside faster delivery, when using the Mailgun’s API integration, PushMail will register a webhook endpoint with MailGun where MailGun will send all the bounces and complaints created by your campaigns and PushMail will process them automatically and in realtime.
The knowledge base article, Adding a new Mailgun delivery server, shows how simple is to integrate Mailgun with PushMail and get started in a few minutes.