Learn how PushMail can connect with PepiPost to deliver your emails.

What is PepiPost

PepiPost proudly calls itself as being the lighting fast email delivery platform. With PepiPost, you can deliver your emails using the regular SMTP, but also they offer a very powerful API system which is much faster than the regular SMTP connection.
Their features list contains artificial intelligence, real-time reports, webhooks, bounce forwarding and dedicated IP for building your sender reputation

PepiPost pricing

PepiPost’s pricing structure should be enough for most customers, they even offer 30,000 emails free for first 30 days, then 100/day free, forever.
Additionally, 150,000 emails will cost $17.5 with $0.60 for each 1000 extra emails, 400,000 emails will cost $59.5 with $0.55 for each extra 1000 emails.
Currently, their most popular plan is 600,000 emails for $101.5 with $0.50 for each extra 1000 emails.
Of course, other price plans are available as well, just check out their pricing page.

PepiPost and PushMail

PushMail supports both connection types from PepiPost, it supports PepiPost SMTP and also PepiPost API.
We recommend using the API integration because delivery will be much faster, and generally it is much more reliable than the SMTP protocol.
Another benefit when using PepiPost API with PushMail is that PushMail can process the bounces and complains automatically, in realtime.

Do You Have Questions?

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