Learn how PushMail can connect with SparkPost to deliver your emails.

What is SparkPost

SparkPost is one of the leading email delivery platforms, with over 37% of B2B and B2C emails going through their platform. They offer both, regular SMTP access to their platform to send emails, which is the slower method of sending emails, but also they offer a very powerful API which can be used by 3rd-party email marketing software, like MailWizz, to connect to and deliver the emails very fast. Beside better deliverability, superior reliability and a great SLA, SparkPost’s features also include dedicated IP addresses which allow building a strong sender reputation together with very detailed analytics and metrics.

SparkPost pricing

Long gone are the times when SparkPost would offer 100,000 free emails per month, but nonetheless, their current price plans are still very affordable. Starting at $20.00/month, you get to send 50,000 emails and get access to features like spam trap monitoring, custom webhooks or online support. Of course, larger plans are available, depending on your sender needs but also depending on the features you will need.
Their pricing plan page shows in details the options you have.

SparkPost and PushMail

You can use SparkPost with PushMail to deliver your emails, be it by using the regular SMTP delivery server type, which is generally slower due to the nature of the SMTP protocol, which is a very chatty protocol, or by using the SparkPost API integration.
When using SparkPost API with PushMail, which is what we recommend using, PushMail will register a webhook endpoint with SparkPost which will receive all the bounces and complains and will process them automatically, in real time.
In order to help getting started as easy as possible, we have created a very detailed tutorial which shows how easy is to connect SparkPost API with PushMail, it should just take a few minutes to get started.